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July 2017 – Hugo Monteiro earned a 3rd place poster competition in the Ph.D. division at 2017 ADSA!See here
July 2017 – Strong showing at 2017 ADSA in Pittsburgh!See here
June 2017 – Eduardo de Paula is awarded the 2017 Kemin ADSA Travel Grant!See here
May 2017 – Early Career Innovator AwardSee here
April 2017 – Meagan Wood successfully presents her Honors Thesis!See here
April 2017 – Dr. Claudia Sampaio gives a seminar at UNR!See here
March 2017 – Lorrayny Silva is awarded the 2017 Graduate Dean’s Merit Scholar Scholarship!See here
March 2017 – Eduardo de Paula did a great job competing at the 3 Minute Thesis!See here
February 2017 – Temple Grandin visit!See here
November 2016 – Graduate student poster competition!See here
November 2016 – Dr. Faciola visits dairy farms in Croatia!See here
September 2016 – Dr. Faciola collaborates in a research project at Stellenbosch University in South Africa!See here
September 2016 – Xiaoxia Dai was awarded the Regents Higher Education Opportunity Award for International Graduate Student!See here
August 2016 – Virginia Brandao completed a summer internship at Elanco!See here
August 2016 – Dr. Faciola presents at an international conference in France!See here
July 2016 – Strong showing at the 2016 JAM in Salt Lake City!See here
May 2016 – Faciola Lab award sweep!See here
May 2016 – Researcher of The Year AwardSee here
October 2015 – Dr. Faciola visits Uzbekistan for a second time!See here
July 2015 – Dr. Faciola gives a talk at an international conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil!See here
July 2015 – Strong showing at the 2015 JAM in Orlando!See here
May 2015 – Faciola Lab On Northern Nevada Business WeeklySee here
March 2015 – Faciola Lab Dairy Research On Navada TodaySee here
January 2015 – Dr. Faciola gives a talk at an international conference in Turkmenistan!See here
September 2014 – Dr. Faciola gives a talk at an international conference in Samarkand, Uzbekistan!See here
September 2014 – Dr. Faciola visits Kazakhstan!See here
September 2014 – Dr. Faciola visits Turkmenistan!See here
July 2014 – Dr. Faciola gives a talk at the Glen Broderick Symposium!See here
April 2014 – Dr. Faciola gives a talk at an international conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil!See here


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