The Faciola Lab

Graduate Courses

Ruminant Nutrition Journal Club (ANS 6939) - Every Fall

Course Instructors:

Drs. Faciola, Batistel, and Vyas.

Course description:

This course is focused on student-led scientific discussions of peer-reviewed published literature related to ruminant nutrition. Several aspects of scientific writing will be discussed, including: title, abstract, introduction, objectives, hypotheses, experimental design, methods, results, and implications. Credits: 1

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to read, understand, and critically evaluate peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts.

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Every Spring

If you wish to get hands on experience on teaching, assisting me with teaching ANS 3440 in the Spring and odd-year summers, you can do that for credits. Expectations include: attending classes, helping with course material, helping with formulating quizzes and exams, grading, posting grades, lecturing, and holding office hours. Please send me an e-mail for more details.

Ruminant Nutrition (ANS 6447) - Fall, Even-years

Course Instructors:

Drs. Santos, Faciola, Vyas, and Batistel.

Course description:

An advanced ruminant nutrition course designed to familiarize students with the anatomy and physiology of the ruminant digestive system as well as the digestion and metabolism of dietary nutrients for the purposes of growth, pregnancy, and lactation of ruminant animals, mainly bovine. Knowledge and application of information covered in lecture and in assigned readings will be evaluated in hourly exams. Class-time discussion will be encouraged and rewarded. Students will use current software to formulate and evaluate ruminant diets. Commercial feed additives will be assigned to each student who will evaluate and report (oral and written) their efficacy based upon the scientific literature.

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