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Animal Science in Italy Study Abroad Program - Every Summer

6 Credits, four weeks in Italy. 2024 Flyer, please click here.

2023 Travel Blog , please click here.

Principles of Animal Nutrition (ANS 3440) Section 07H5 - Every Spring

Monday – Thursday, Period 2: 8:30 – 9:20 AM

Catalog description:

Credits: 4; Prerequisites: CHM 2045 and CHM 2045L, or equivalent.

The nutrients required by animals, their functions, interrelationships and the processes of their utilization; feedstuff composition and their use in diet and ration formulation.

General scope:

This course is taught as an introduction to animal nutrition with emphasis placed on both non-ruminant and ruminant species.

Learning objectives:

Upon completing this course, undergraduate students should be able to:

1. Discuss historical perspective and define the major terminologies used in animal nutrition.
2. Compare and contrast the functional anatomy of the gastrointestinal systems of ruminant and non-ruminant species.
3. Understand various enzymatic and metabolic processes involved in nutrient digestion and metabolism.
4. Discuss various methods used to determine the chemical composition and biological value of feed ingredients.
5. Understand how animal diets are formulated to meet requirements for maintenance and production.
6. Discuss processing and storage of animal feeds.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant - Every Spring

If you wish to get hands on experience on teaching, assisting me with teaching ANS 3440 in the Spring and odd-year summers, you can do that for credits. Expectations include: attending classes, helping with course material, helping with formulating quizzes and exams, grading, posting grades, lecturing, and holding office hours. Please send me an e-mail for more details.

Undergraduate Research - All Semesters

If you wish to get hands on experience on animal nutrition, assisting with research in the lab and at our research farm, you can do that for credits. Please send me an e-mail for more details.

Honors Program - All Semesters

If you wish to participate in the Honors Program under my supervision. Please send me an e-mail for more details.
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